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Need Help? Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

The Basics

Posting, buying and selling on Mijem is free, and no credit card is needed to sign up. The only fees you’ll encounter in Mijem are transaction fees accepting credit card payments and shipping fees which are charged to the buyer if they want to use our prepaid contactless shipping service, both of which are optional. See below for more information.

Simply download Mijem from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and follow the instructions to sign up for an account.

Mijem has a presence in over 1500 campuses across the US and in Canada. You must be physically located in North America to use our service. We also offer dozens of non-campus communities for members who have graduated and/or aren’t part of campus life.

If you need help you can email us at We will respond with 24 hours.

You can easily report an inappropriate post or gem by clicking on the red “REPORT ITEM” link, which automatically notifies us so we can review it and take potential action.

To delete your account, go to My Settings>Account Management>Delete Account and then choose “YES”. You can also email us at

Buying and Selling

With Mijem, you can buy or sell your “gems” — that means textbooks, clothes, shoes, electronics, furniture, that guitar your ex left behind, you name it.

Do you have something good that you’d rather exchange for cash? That’s a gem. Is there something you want that you’d like to get from a trusted source, and pay less than retail? That’s a gem!

You can also arrange for a ride back to your home town. Or offer up a room for rent. Almost anything you can buy, sell, swap or trade is appropriate for Mijem.

Email us at Please provide your Mijem profile name and a description of the gem or post that has been deleted so we can look into it.

We recommend that you pay for your items using a credit card so that you are protected by our Buyer Protection Plan. When you use a credit card, we hold your payment for up to 3 days from the date you receive your purchase which gives you an opportunity to inspect it and make sure everything is as expected. If there are no reports of an issue, Mijem then releases the hold and sends your payment to the seller. When you use a credit card you also earn 1 reward point for every U.S. dollar you transact on the platform. You can also convert these points into Bitcoin SV crypto currency.

Mijem offers a flat rate prepaid shipping option so that you don’t have to worry about meet-ups. We use USPS (USA) and Canada Post (Canada). You can also arrange to meet-up in person, however we still recommend buyers use credit card payment for the protection they provide. With credit card payments, your funds are protected until you receive your product, so you can buy with confidence.

No, buyers and sellers can still arrange to meet in person. However, we recommend buyers use credit card payments for the protection provided. With credit card payments, your funds are protected until the product is received, so you can buy with confidence.

When you want the increased safety and protection you get with contactless payment and shipping, it’s there for you.

There are no account fees, setup fees, payout fees or statement fees with Mijem. When you sell something, Mijem charges a fee of $3.75 for sales of $30 or less, and 12.5% for sales of more than $30. This covers the cost of services including the escrow process that keeps buyers and sellers safe.

Fees are paid by the seller and deducted from the sale price before Mijem makes a payout to the seller. There is no cost to the buyer for paying by credit card.

Shipping costs are separate from credit card costs.

To receive your payout, simply log into your Mijem app.

Setting up your payouts:

Tap Profile > Settings (the gear icon at top right) > Payout Method, and fill in the details. Or go to, log in to your account, and click on Profile > Settings > My Payout Method, and fill in the details.

Mijem uses Stripe to manage payouts. Stripe will confirm your identity to keep you safe, and will request banking information so Mijem can transfer funds to you.

To request a payout:

Tap Profile > Settings (the gear icon at top right) > My balance.
Click on your balance and then you can click on the Redeem button. After a redeem request, it will take approximately 7 business days for the money to be in your bank account.

Mijem never stores banking or credit card information.

When you make a purchase in Mijem, you can indicate that you want the product to be shipped (as opposed to a meet up with the seller). The shipping fee will be added to the purchase price.

When the seller is notified of the sale, they will be given a shipping label to print and affix to the package, which can be put in a mailbox or dropped off at their nearest post office.

In the US, shipping costs $9.99 for delivery in your region (up to 1,000 miles) and $14.99 for national delivery.  In Canada, shipping costs $14.99 for delivery in your region (up to 1,000 km) and $29.99 for national delivery.

Shipping costs are paid by the buyer. There is no cost to the seller for shipping.

Simply join the school that you are interested in posting to, and all your items will auto-post for students near you. Pro tip: You can join multiple schools — all the colleges in your area, for example — and your items will be listed for students in all of them.

From the profile tab, tap view and find your gem. Once you have opened the gem you will see an edit and a delete button at the bottom of the screen.

We issue a full refund if your item isnt shipped, or if it isn’t as advertised. Otherwise all sales are final. You means you cannot request a refund if an item does not fit, if you change your mind, or for any other reason outside of the ones listed. Refunds must be requested within 3 days of receipt of your purchase.

Loyalty Rewards

Each time you buy or sell on the Mijem platform you  earn loyalty rewards points which can be converted into Bitcoin SV (BSV) crypto currency and used to purchase goods and services anywhere that accepts BSV.

You will need to connect your Mijem account to either a HandCash or a Money Button wallet in order to convert your points.  If you don’t have a wallet, you can easily set up a HandCash account in the Mijem app from the My Rewards section in your Profile Settings.

When you view a gem you can see the number of rewards points that you would earn if you bought it.

If you are signing up for Mijem for the first time, you will be offered the option to set up a HandCash digital wallet during the sign up process.  In order to receive your rewards you must have either a HandCash or a Money Button digital wallet, both of which accept BSV.

Bitcoin SV (BSV) is a type of crypto currency that can be traded between people or used to purchase goods. Compared to Bitcoin, BSV features much larger block sizes (2,000 mb vs. 1 mb) for faster transaction processing, more energy efficiency, and an increased load capacity. New to crypto or want to know more about BSV? Click here to learn more.

No, you can only earn rewards points on items purchased using a credit card that are processed through the Mijem platform.

From the Settings tab tap My Rewards>Redeem