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Posting, buying and selling on Mijem is free, and no credit card is needed to sign up. The only fees you’ll encounter in Mijem are for accepting credit card payments (optional), and for Mijem’s contactless shipping service (optional). See below for more information.

With Mijem, you can buy or sell your gems — that means textbooks, clothes, shoes, electronics, furniture, that guitar your ex left behind, you name it.

Do you have something good that you’d rather exchange for cash? That’s a gem. Is there something you want that you’d like to get from a trusted source, and pay less than retail? That’s a gem!

You can also arrange for a ride back to your home town. Or offer up a room for rent. Anything you can buy, sell, swap or trade is appropriate for Mijem.

With Mijem, buyers can pay by credit card and have the item shipped by the postal service (USPS or Canada Post).

Not only do these services provide contactless buying/selling to keep you healthy during COVID-19, but they protect you in other ways too:

With credit card payments, the buyer makes a payment in the Mijem app, and Mijem holds the funds until the gem is received. Once the product is confirmed to have been received, or three days after the product is received if there are no reports of an issue, Mijem will clear the payment for the seller and make the funds available. With this process, you can buy with confidence knowing you will receive your gem; and you can sell with confidence knowing payment has already been completed before you ship your gem.

With contactless shipping, there’s no worry about meeting an unknown buyer face to face to deliver or receive a gem. Instead, use Mijem to arrange for delivery, and the gem is delivered by USPS (USA) and Canada Post (Canada).

No, buyers and sellers can still arrange to meet in person. However, we recommend buyers use credit card payments for the protection provided. With credit card payments, your funds are protected until the product is received, so you can buy with confidence.

When you want the increased safety and protection you get with contactless payment and shipping, it’s there for you.

There are no account fees, setup fees, payout fees or statement fees with Mijem. When you sell something, Mijem charges a fee of $3.75 for sales of $30 or less, and 12.5% for sales of more than $30. This covers the cost of services including the escrow process that keeps buyers and sellers safe (see below for more details), and compares very well with services like Offerup (15%), AirBnB (15%) and Poshmark (20%).

Fees are paid by the seller (i.e. deducted from the sale price before Mijem makes a payout to the seller). There is no cost to the buyer for paying by credit card.

Shipping costs are separate from credit card costs. See below.

To receive your funds, simply log into your Mijem app.

Setting up your payouts:

  • Tap Profile > Settings (the gear icon at top right) > Payout Method, and fill in the details. Or go to, log in to your account, and click on Profile > Settings > My Payout Method, and fill in the details.
  • Mijem uses Stripe to manage payouts. Stripe will confirm your identity to keep you safe, and will request banking information so Mijem can transfer funds to you.

To request a payout

  • Tap Profile > Settings (the gear icon at top right) > My balance.
  • Click on your balance and then you can click on the Redeem button. After a redeem request, it will take approximately 7 business days for the money to be in your bank account.

Mijem never stores banking or credit card information.

In the US, shipping costs $9.99 for delivery in your region (up to 1,000 miles) and $14.99 for national delivery.

In Canada, shipping costs $14.99 for delivery in your region (up to 1,000 km) and $29.99 for national delivery.

Shipping costs are paid by the buyer. There is no cost to the seller for shipping.

When you make a purchase in Mijem, you can indicate that you want the product to be shipped (as opposed to a face-to-face hand-off with the seller.

The shipping fee will be added to the purchase price.

When the seller is notified of the sale, they will be given a shipping label to print and affix to the package, which can be dropped off at the post office (USPS in the United States; Canada Post in Canada.

Simply download Mijem from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and follow the instructions to sign up for an account.

Yes! Absolutely, Mijem allows you to chat with other users.

Mijem allows you to post any products or goods you own. Simply take a picture, choose the category, and hit post. Voilà!

Simply join the school you are interested in posting and all your items will auto-post for students near you. Pro tip: You can join multiple schools — all the colleges in your area, for example — and your items will be listed for students in all of them.

See below for a quick tutorial.

Go to our contact page and leave us a message. We will try our best to answer messages.

Please report any inappropriate content to us. We will review and take actions accordingly.

Please report to us inappropriate content. We will review and take actions accordingly.

You transact with other users using any method you choose. We do not control how you want to transact. Feel free to sell. Feel free to organize fun adventures.

To add the Mijem badge to your website, simply copy the following code and replace username with the desired username:

<a href=”><img src=”” style=”height: 40px; width: 43px;”  alt=”Mijem” />