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Mijem at Campuses: Public Beta Demo to Students

Mijem’s New 1.2 Public Preview Release Is Made for Students

The Mijem ambassador team hit the campus trail to demo the new public beta version to students at both University of Waterloo and Western University.

“Students bonded well with the app… they can see the purpose of it,”

said Aidan Robinson as he reflected on students’ reactions to the app.

Western University Students Downloading the App While Chatting with Mijem Ambassadors

Many students have used Uber and Tinder, both apps revolving around “nearby” concept. On Uber, students can discover nearby taxis, on Tinder, students can discover nearby dates. When Mijem demo’d the nearby products feature to students, students were amazed at the feature’s convenience and application to the campus population.

“As soon as we finished our demo, we saw students who have downloaded the app engage with it, with lots of positive reviews,” said Phuong Dinh.

University of Waterloo Students Posting Gems on the App

University of Waterloo Students Having a Good Time with Mijem

You can download the free app today. We want to hear from you! Please submit bugs or improvements to:

About Mijem

Mijem is a social marketplace for students to connect with students and buy, sell, trade on campus. The app is available for download for free! Join thousands of university and college students across the US and Canada and start discovering gems today. You can download the free Mijem app now on:



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