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The Importance of Self-Expression

And College Spending

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Fitting in at schools can be a challenge. To find the perfect outfit, making sure you are up to date on the latest trends, doing the correct hobbies, and getting the “correct” grades. A survey showed that the loneliest generation in the U.S. today are between 18-22 years old [1]. This is a more common problem than you might first think. 64% of students state that they have felt “very lonely” in the previous 12 months [2]. Colleges have been looking into the problem but with a ratio of only 1 to 1,737 counselors to student ratio it is a huge challenge [3].

A UCLA neuroscientist conducted experiments that shows the brain can benefit greatly from the way we express ourselves. The experiment also showed that suppressing negative emotions, will amplify inward stress and anxiety. Student culture is complex, where many different communities merge together at a single geographical center. The need to express a belong to your community might therefore be essential to achieve a sense of belonging. No wonder then why there is a rise in students “do it yourself fashion shows” and themed parties where costumes are the norm [4].

Limited financial means and more environmentally-friendly consumption patterns, have created a trend called thrifting. Thrifting is to buy second hand goods, sometimes at thrift stores, and is a very popular trend, where over 40% of 18-24-year-olds shopped resale in 2017 [5].

Mijem is the college solution that allows students to thrift via an app with the college community. Students may sell stuff to earn cash or find bargains to save money. Students can build communities on Mijem with like-minded people.